Benefits of solar energy for homeowners

18172778 - 3d illustration of house design with solar panelFrom a homeowner’s perspective, there are many incentives for using solar energy for power. Let’s take a look at a few benefits to consider:

  • Solar energy is cheaper than ever before, and the cost for installing solar panels continues to drop.
  • Solar batteries have improved with greater storage capacity. This helps homeowners have access to solar on cloudy and rainy days where there is very little natural sunlight available.
  • The federal solar tax credit has been extended through 2020. (However, this is with a reduction at the end of 2019.)
  • Net metering is still available in several states. Where net metering is available, you can actually sell your excess power back to the power company.
  • Local solar incentive programs may be available in your area.
  • Solar is a renewable energy source, so homeowners who choose solar energy are helping the environment.
  • Geographically speaking, solar is more widely available than ever before.
  • Community solar gardens are arising and making it possible to generate solar energy without actually having to install solar panels on each resident’s rooftop. Legislation is still required to enable these community solar gardens.
  • Very little maintenance is required for solar power systems.
  • Since solar panels have no moving parts, they operate very quietly.

Technology is constantly improving the design and operation of solar systems, making solar a wise choice for homeowners. With federal and local rebates and incentives available, now could be the time to get that solar installation completed for your home. There are more reasons than ever before for homeowners to install solar panels and start saving on energy costs!