The Benefits of Solar

I. Saving money

Solar power allows you to dramatically reduce, or possibly eliminate, your electricity bills. Right now, solar power is cheaper than the power provided by your current utility company. In fact, not only is solar more affordable right now, the current rate of annual utility price increases means solar will be even cheaper in the future. The best part? The excess, unused power that you generate during the day is automatically sold back to your utility company, further lowering your electric bill. Read more here.


II. Pay Nothing to Start Saving

Don’t have enough upfront money to purchase cheaper power? No problem. It used to be that “going solar” meant upfront cash payments or personal financing in order to purchase solar modules outright. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) have paved the way for homeowners to lower utility bills without having to find financing or large quantities of cash. All of these financial options are great options whose benefits vary depending on the unique needs and desires of the homeowner. Read more about the advantages of each here.


III. Energy Independence

Solar energy finally gives you a choice! You have the choice to choose an energy path that provides a peace of mind that comes from sustainable energy and predictable energy costs. With solar power, you are less dependent on the rising costs of the electricity that the utility company sells to you. You are also less dependent on electricity generated by expensive and less-clean fossil fuels. Saving money is great, and so is cleaner air. Read more here.


IV. Increase in Property Value

Read more about how solar panels improve home equity here.



Benefits of Complete Solar


I. Optimized Energy Output

At Complete Solar, we commit to you that we will find the optimal solar design with optimal solar equipment for any home. Not all houses are the same, so how can all solar designs be the same? Whereas some companies employ a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy in solar design, we choose to take the extra time required to be certain that we can maximize your energy output from your system based on the unique qualities of your home. To that end, we use proprietary software, Helioquote™, which takes into account your home’s historic energy consumption, average local sunshine levels, the configuration of your home and roof, and your local utility’s rates to ensure that you get a system that is just the right size. Not too small and not too big.


II. Save the Most Money

In addition to ensuring savings by designing the right system, Complete Solar also commits to finding the right financial solution. While your solar panels do the work of creating cheaper energy, we do the work of creating cheaper financial options. Based on your input and preferences, we will provide you options so that you can decide the best way to pay for cheaper energy. Power Purchase Agreements are great. So are leases. Traditional Financing is great too. We can even show you how to roll the cost of solar into your property taxes. Regardless of the option, YOU decide which avenue is best for you—we simply show you what’s available.


III. Fast Install Time

Many factors can affect the speed with which a company can install your solar modules, such as special equipment orders, local government permitting requirements, and even your electric utility company. But you won’t have to wait on Complete Solar. While we can’t control public utilities and local governments, we can, and do, ensure that our network of installers will start your installation as quickly as possible. With multiple installation partners, Complete Solar will have you saving money as quickly as is possible.

For a free solar quote, please call (650)713-3243 to speak with a knowledgable solar expert. Or to learn more about Complete Solar, click here.