California Leads the Nation in Solar Power

To anyone who lives in the great state of sunny California, it is probably no surprise that the state leads the nation in all areas of solar power. California Solar Statistics (, a site that is the official public reporting site for the California Solar Initiative (CSI), recently published statistics that reconfirmed the position of California as the top solar powered state in the Union. According to the stats, California has implemented over 70,000 different solar projects! And that number continues to rise.

California Solar Power Makes Huge Impact

Southern California is leading the nation in solar power generation, with Los Angles topping the list generating 121 megawatts of energy. And that’s just the beginning! San Diego and Santa Clara follow closely with 70-100 megawatts generated, and there are roughly 20 other communities in the area producing at least 10 megawatts of energy.

California solar power produced through residential solar panel systems represents huge cost savings to residents, and also lowers the carbon footprint of those living in the area. Another benefit of the widespread utilization of solar energy in Southern California is that the savings on energy costs are distributed throughout the entire power network and throughout the population. For those who are using solar power, this translates into lower energy costs for times when the energy produced by solar panels is not sufficient enough to cover the energy needs of the household.

An Open Invitation for New Solar Projects

California has recently launched a large rebate and incentive program called “Energy Upgrade California,” which offers rebates as high as $4,000 to help pay for solar and other home upgrades. The state has one of the largest and best programs of it’s kind, motivating countless residents to take advantage of the rebates available.

On a more negative note though, is the recent news that funds may be running out. Several consumer protection agencies focusing on protecting consumers from green energy scams have indicated that rebates and funds could be running out as early as the middle of next year. They suggested that consumers move quickly to implement solar energy solutions if they want to take advantage of the current rebates available in California. According to the experts, if you want to help save the world and save money by taking advantage of rebates, there is no better time to “go green” than now!