California’s best & worst cities for solar revealed in new study

All across California, cities have totally different permit requirements, times, and fees. For residential solar experts like ourselves that means we track and plan around all of these differences. We want to help cities do a better job of making the switch to solar painless. Today we’re announcing the Solar Ease Index, a ranking of California’s best and worst cities for solar. View the index or view the press release below.

‘Solar Ease Index’ shows huge disparity across state

Menlo-Park-Solar-Grade Mountain-View-Solar-Grade Pico-Riveria-Solar-Grade

San Mateo, CA – A group of bay area solar experts have published an index they hope mitigates the relationship between local governments and homeowners.

Solar installation company Complete Solar recently released the ‘Solar Ease Index’. This index ranks California cities by key factors based on the ease of solar installment in individual homes.

“We want to honor those cities that work to make it easy for homeowners to switch to solar power,” Dan Garfield, Marketing Director for Complete Solar, said. “Install time and fees have a huge impact on homeowners who choose to switch to Solar. Permit delays can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in missed power generation. It discourages people from switching to a cheaper, sustainable form of energy.”

Cities on the list are ranked based on permit turnaround times and fees. All of the cities in the top ten return permits to install solar panels within a single day. The 2nd factor, permitting fees, ranged in the top 10 from $0 to $170 in San Francisco. The lowest ranked cities require anywhere from $500 to $1300 in permitting fees and can take up to 30 days to get a permit (San Mateo).


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