Oh, The Places We’ll Go

As residential solar systems continue to improve in quality and price, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as the public has finally recognized the appeal of producing their own clean energy. In addition to powering home appliances, there are new products on the market that uses the sun to charge and power devices anywhere under the sun!


Let’s take a look at some of the incredible products that are hitting the market, or will be in the coming years.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs is a simple pleasure in life. Having your own garden is a concept that appeals to many, but is applied by only a few. Whether it be lack of space, sunlight, knowhow, or time, most people do not get to reap the delicious benefits of growing their own food. Colorado based Solar Greens Company feels that it has created a solution to bring gardening to the masses. My Terrace Farmer is a portable, durable, and eco-friendly greenhouse that is compact enough to fit anywhere, including apartment balconies. It is self-fertilizing, self-composting (thanks to worms in the soil), and self-watering. In addition, the portable greenhouse has internal heaters, LED grow lighting, and runs entirely on solar energy. In June 2015, My Terrace Farmer was named Best New Gardening Product at the National Hardware Show 2015. If there’s anything that will encourage more people to have a “green thumb”, this is it!

solar garden light

Solgaard Design, a company based in Vancouver, Canada launched its idea for a new high tech backpack on KickStart.com. They pledged a goal of $20,000 to start mass manufacture for the Lifepack: Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack. Although they put April 28th as the end date of their pledging campaign, they have already received over $260,000 from individuals who backed their idea. Although the idea of a backpack with a built-in solar charger is not a new one, the Lifepack has a few other features which are getting many people are excited about this bag launch. The solar powered charger with USB ports helps charge phones and laptops on the go, and also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, which comes in handy for presentations and dance parties alike. It has two large compartments fit for both work and personal things, hidden pockets in the straps to hold important documents you want to keep an eye on, an integrated lock to keep zippers secure or to lock the entire bag to an object to keep it from being stolen, and a ton of other sections to magnify organization. For anyone with a busy schedule, the Lifepack could definitely be a life saver.

Solar Backpack

Anyone who loves exploring the outdoors knows the worry that comes with staying hydrated. While you don’t want to run out of water, there is little appeal to carrying gallons of water in your backpack. However, since dehydration takes the enjoyment out of outdoor recreation and replaces it with fatigue and anxiety, adventurers have had to deal with heavy bags to keep their thirst quenched. Austrian start-up company, Fontus, has created an ingenious way to easily collect water while hiking, biking, climbing, or walking. They have two water bottles, Airo and Ryde, that are able to capture moisture in the air, condense it, and store it. Collecting condensation from the air to be used as drinking water is not a new idea, and can be done in other ways. Those ways, however, are time consuming and require a person to remain in one place. Due to the unique designs of Airo and Ryde, and thanks to solar panels, the bottles are able to continually fill themselves up while you continue on your adventure. Besides the obvious benefits of this invention, this design would also be able to dramatically improve the lives of individuals living in parts of the world where clean groundwater is scarce. These bottles really do have the potential of changing the world.


These are just a few solar powered products that will be available in the near future. Keep your ears and eyes open to stay up to date with the coolest new green products and devices coming out.