Go Solar, or Go Home!

Light bulb with dollar signThe cost of living in California is high. Of course, that is no longer headline-making news, as the cost of living has been considerably higher than the rest of the nation for years now. What you may not know is that, thanks to renewable energy and resource initiatives being implemented in the Golden State, the costs of living are finally starting to go down. And for once in the past few years, we have the government and property developers to thank for this. Finally, they are doing something positive for the state!

Housing Developers Help
Housing developers, KB Home, are developing energy efficient homes in Manzanita at Paseo del Sol, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. In fact, KB Home development is offering solar panel energy options to new home buyers in more than 10 different communities being developed in Southern California. This is great news for homeowners, as many of the new solar panels being installed in these communities will be able to draw about 30% of their energy needs from a standard 1.4-kilowatt solar array installation. Several of these communities are in desert areas which require higher energy costs to keep their homes cool with air conditioning. Luckily, the desert also provides a great natural resource to help offset the extra electricity costs: the sun. With the installation of a solar panel system, homeowners in this area will be able to save money directly from cheaper energy costs through the panels, and also through a 30% federal tax credit along with state incentives.

Get help and Go Solar
For many, the purchase of a new energy efficient home is not on the horizon. But luckily, there are many options available for upgrading existing homes to become more energy efficient. There are many “do-it-yourselfers” out there who are heading up their own projects around their house and property. Unfortunately, these projects can become a HUGE undertaking, and can end up eating time, resources, and in many cases go unfinished. One way to help from getting in this situation is to hire someone who knows what they are doing. There are energy efficient outfitters popping up all around Southern California that will be able to help you fit your existing home with the right energy efficient solutions and appliances. So whether you are looking for a new home, or want to upgrade your current home, switching to solar power is a great way to reduce the high costs of living in Southern California, and free up some extra cash to pay for your child’s college education; which is a much better cause!

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