Here’s Why Solar Won’t Work For You

By now, you’ve probably heard of all the reasons why you SHOULD go solar – so, we’re not going to bore you.

Instead, to truly help you decide whether solar is worth it for you, personally, here are reasons why you should NOT go solar.

1. Low bill (<$150)

The main benefit of going solar is to help you reduce your electricity bill. However, if your average electric bill is below $150, most of the time, going solar won’t save you money because the rate you’ll pay for a solar option could potentially cost around the same, if not more. Therefore, you won’t be saving much, or at all, with an average bill lower than $150.

2. You have a discount with your Utility Provider

Just like with a low bill, a utility discount such as CARE, would probably place you at the lower end of the electricity bill spectrum.  So again, the current rate you buy your electricity at each month is likely to be less than the rate solar could potentially cost you.  Therefore, going solar won’t save you the money it would for others with a higher electricity bill.

3. You are a renter

You can’t sign a legal document without being a title owner of the property. Therefore, solar companies will normally not install on homes of renters, unless the owner is the one interested and willing to sign. But most of the time, since renters are the ones paying the bills, homeowners don’t really care to switch to solar.

4. You have poor sun exposure (shade)

If your shade factor is too high, you will need to build a solar system so large that the cost might out weigh the savings. Ideally, we recommend that less than 20% of your home is shaded. Although there are cases when shade deters the efficiency of solar energy, it really depends on the time you get shade, placement, etc. So, to determine this correctly, Complete Solar will come out to assess the shade ourselves  to make sure going solar will be worth it for you.

5. You have bad credit

Truth is, solar is not free, especially to us. Depending on the finance option, we have to come out of pocket for you to go solar and many of our finance partners require a credit score qualification to determine the risks. Though it is not a loan, we still have to know the payments will be made and you are in a position to make those payments. That is why we check to see that you have a credit score greater than 680.

Now you know the 5 scenarios that make solar unfavorable. If none of these apply to you, huzzah! You can get started to go solar, and can realistically expect those savings!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 650-713-3481. Our knowledgable solar advisors would be happy to help!

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