Redlands, California Wastewater Treatment Plant Going Solar

During the past decade California has become diligent in becoming more self sustaining as a state and community by implementing solar energy. As of recent, the city of Redlands has begun a huge project by installing solar panels atop unusable land and their own wastewater treatment plant. This will save Redlands more than $36,000 annually, and provide approximately 215,565 kilowatts of power per year back to the city.

If the city had decided to leave this piece of land as it was and not “think outside of the box”, it would be a complete waste of space…no pun intended.

The funding for the solar energy project at the wastewater treatment plant will be through a grant from the Energy Efficiency and conservation Block Grant Program, which is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funding source.

There will be additional funding from the California Solar Incentive Program which has allocated up to $250,000 worth of credits and rebates depending on the levels of energy produced by the panels over the first five years.

Redlands City Council has also agreed to negotiate with North American Biomass Company for a project using gas from the wastewater treatment plant and a landfill located right next to it to generate electricity to power the wastewater plant.