5 Reasons Solar is Better than Your Electric Company


#1:  Carbon Emissions Need to be Reduced. ¹ 

If we can’t reduce the amount of carbon we release into the air we face catastrophic global climate change.



#2:  It Makes Financial Sense for Homeowners ² 

Energy prices are rising, but the cost of solar is going down.

#3: It’s Creating a Lot of Good Jobs ³

Including jobs for Veterans. These are new jobs being created that didn’t exist before.

#4:  It Increases the Value of Your Home 4 

By thousands of dollars. Has your electric company ever added value to your home?

#5. It’s easier than you think. 5

 Some people can have a system up and running in as little as 2 weeks (depending on permitting times for your city)






¹ United States Environmental Protection Agency

² Does Solar Make Financial Sense, A Peer Review


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