Understanding EVERYTHING about Solar

We publish a lot of educational content about Solar but there are also some must read pieces by experts out there. Here is a few of those articles, from reputable publishers with no obvious financial interest in Solar, for those of you not satisfied with just the cliff notes version!


Engadget “What you need to know about solar energy

Excerpt: Like other new tech that’s helping us break our debilitating fossil fuel habit, solar is utterly imperfect. But it has immediate benefits to society and to you personally — even if you don’t paper your walls with money.

Our sun, Sol, is powered by nuclear fusion. It produces energy when hydrogen fuses into helium, according to Albert Einstein’s famous E=MC2 equation. We can’t safely perform fusion on Earth yet, but we can harvest the energy produced by Sol’s fusion from pumps, collectors or photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. Such installations are referred to as “active solar.” On the flipside, “passive solar” means improving your home’s energy efficiency with new windows, better insulation, etc. In so many words: If your home is very inefficient, address that first.


FORBES “Everything you need to know about adding solar to your home


Project: Installing solar panels.

Why: To reduce your carbon footprint and save an average of $84 per month on your electricity bill.

How it works: Solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) cells. In a nutshell, these special batteries harness sunlight, transform it into energy, then send that energy to an inverter, which converts it into electricity to power the home.