Save Money for Years to Come

Save Money for Years to Come

Energy is only going to get even more expensive. With solar, you can permanently reduce your monthly energy bill.

Pay Nothing to Start Saving

Pay Nothing to Start Saving

Think solar is expensive? Think again. Pay zero out-of-pocket and start enjoying the benefits of solar today.

Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Now you finally have a choice. A choice to be free from rising energy costs and enjoy peace of mind from clean, sustainable energy.

Increases Your Property Value

Increases Your Property Value

Normally when homeowners install solar panels, the property value of the home rises because future buyers no longer have the need to pay for electricity.

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You'll be surprised how great solar can be. Every quote includes:
  • Shade analysis
  • Savings projections
  • Solar system design
  • A mockup of how the solar panels will look on your roof
  • A guaranteed price quote
Thanks to our spectacular software we can get you all of that in just a few minutes. We install on more roof types and we do it faster than anyone else.

Why Choose to work with a Complete Solar Authorized Reseller


All solar installs are not created equal.

Most solar companies are one-size-fits-all—which limits your solar potential. We offer a custom solution, uniquely designed for your home that delivers the absolute optimal energy output.


Optimal design means maximum savings.

Powered by our proprietary software platform, our Solar Experts ensure you get the most highly optimized solar and financial solution possible. No one will save you more money than we will.


They take months. We take weeks.

Time is money, which is why we’ve streamlined the entire process to give you the industry’s fastest and easiest install. Why wait for months to start saving when you don’t have to?

Customer Testimonials

"We had a high electricity bill and wanted to be more environmentally conscious. We went with Complete Solar and it was a very good experience overall. There were outstanding permits on our home from previous owners which we had to clear up. Completer Solar was patient with us and even gave us an additional discount to cover for those additional permits." -Susan San Jose, CA
"Complete Solar did an installation for us many years ago. This is our second system that we've had installed through them. Their salesperson was very helpful. Their people were great and they did a good job. With Complete Solar, we reduced our bill every month." -Tom Palo Alto, CA
"A Complete Solar partner stopped by the house at the right time. I decided to go with them and the installation was done faster than I anticipated which was definitely a good thing. Working with Complete Solar has been very efficient. It was a really painless experience for me and everything went as smoothly as it could. I'm satisfied with my decision to go solar and I like the benefit of it to the planet." -Michael Spring Valley, CA
"Complete Solar didn't waste any time and got right to it like they said they were going to do. We got along well with them and we communicated back and forth. I watched them put the panels up and everything that was needed. They also explained to me what they were doing, how and why they were doing it. Any other questions that I had to ask were answered too. It was very cleanly done. With the good weather that we've had, it has produced what they said they were supposed to produce. It has reversed usage and seems to be putting out everything that was expected of it, so we're very satisfied." -Darrel San Diego, CA

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