Three common misconceptions about solar energy

39198922_MAre you considering powering your home with solar energy? Solar is a clean, renewable energy source that is good for the environment and can also save you money on your energy bills. There is some misinformation out there that may have caused you to have doubts about going solar. Let’s clear up some common misconceptions.

#1 Installing solar panels is too expensive. Did you know that there is now a 30% federal tax credit that will help you save on a solar installation for your home? The Federal Solar Credit offers 30% tax credit for solar installations through 2019. Beginning in 2020, the credit falls to 26%; in 2021 to 22%; and in 2022 and afterward, the credit falls to 10%. Why not take advantage of the increased tax credit while you can?

#2 Solar does not save on energy bills. Most people who think solar does not save on energy bills are thinking about the cost of installing solar panels. While there is an initial investment upfront, within a few years, the panels will have paid for themselves by savings on energy bills, in some cases as much as a 50% decrease.

#3 Solar power only works in sunny climates. While it may be true that energy from the sun is most accessible in sunny climates, it does not mean that solar panels will not work in darker or less sunny climates. Solar panel technology has come a long way, making it possible for solar batteries to store energy from sunny days for days when sunshine is less abundant.

Clearing up misconceptions about solar should give you a clearer picture if solar is the right choice for powering your home. Installations are getting more affordable every year! You can also take advantage of the solar tax incentive which can save you up to 30% on a solar installation for your home.